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Submission 3

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The Marketing of the Circadium Game

Why develop this game

 Since Apple introduced the multitouch display for the iphone several years ago, touchscreens is gradually becoming the mainstream in digital industry (Takahashi,2001). According to a report from Rapid website, in the year 2011, there has been a 90 percent increase in the global touchscreen market(Edward,2011).Under this trendy, users has overlooked the importance of touching real objects. Everything become the buttons on screen now, the coldness between finger and the screen is the only sense left.

The basic idea of the Circadium is the tangibility. But it needs to be developed into the product before we market it.

A recent research result from the User-centered Engineering Group at Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with the Philips Entertaible team shown that tangible objects designed to fit the game theme are appreciated by game player over more general tangibles. The tangible game enables human to leverage their physical world and natural and intuitive digital interactions. What is more, it allows the collaborative interactions with digital applications for co-located users, as well as the chance of getting back the long lost tangible feeling, especially for the children. The tangible and visual interaction has a powerful ability to engage school age students, whose ability to touch, feel, manipulate and build sensory awareness of the relationship in the world is crucial, in active learning (Hoven&Malazek,2007).

How does the game work

 The Circadium is a multiplayer battle game. The puffer sphere can be replaced with the LCD. All the users need to choose their attacking tools, each attacking tool has unique property. For example, the metal property tool, it has zigzag sound and sharp image. The aqua property tool has bubbly sound and flowing image, the fire property tool has raging sound and flaming image, so on the so forth. One property can beat the other. Instead of game controller, players use the tangible objects which corresponding to the tools to operate. By squeezing and playing with the objects, the battle takes place between the players. This game enable players to interact with each other, more importantly, it can give them the real tangible feeling, which is the main breakthrough of our product.


Key strength and key weakness

The key strength of the Circadium game is that the tangible game market is a relatively new area, the competitors are not too many so far. There is more room for us to cultivate this market. However, standing in the market leading position, the protection of proprietary elements, such as patent, trade secret, etc. is important. One weakness of our game is it is easy to be duplicated and imitated. Besides, all of our team members are students, in that case we have very limited financial resource to start the business. To solve these problems, we need to optimize the team capacity, constantly improving the product itself, which can attract venture capital at the same time. Moreover, it is also not easy to initiate the initial user base. This is not only a problem for us, but also a problem for most of the start-up companies. But still, the Circadium belongs to an attractive market that has the potential to grow. That means the actual execution of the venture is a more determining factor in terms of how successful the Circadium can be.

Marketing activities

The marketing activity can be summed up to several stages. At the first stage, we build up the prototype of the Circadium game. Since we already have profession technician people, the technical problems in the process of making the Circadium a well-developed product can be solved within the team.

The next stage is to start the advertising campaign. At the initial phase, internet is a good tool to use. Firstly, it has low entry fee, which is a big advantage for small start-up companies like us. Secondly, it has wide coverage, which can make the advertisement reaches more audiences.  Thirdly, there is more chance to expose the advertisement to targeted audiences. Fourthly, the distribution of online advertising is faster than traditional offline advertising. What is more, it is an easier way for the audiences to engage with the advertisement and the product(George, 2010).

At the start-up stage, the last step to go for marketing is to build up the sales channel. E-commerce website can be a good platform to sell the product, for it has faster selling procedure; more reach to customers, no theoretical geographic limitation, low operational costs and no need of physical company set-ups (Subramanl&Walden,2001).

As long as the user number reach a sufficient level and we have accumulated a certain amount of capital, we can change the sales channel from e-commerce website to the stores.


 To sum up, the business has two key strengths: Firstly, we have potential market advantage. Secondly, we have technological advantage. But it also has some weaknesses. The game itself is easy to be duplicated. Besides, it is hard to attract financial resource at the beginning stage.  But the way we combine the concept of tangibility and interactive game and put it into a new and booming industry all made the Circadium game a very potential business.


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