6 Feb 2012, 6:13pm


Spherical Projection

Hey hey,

I did some research on the whole idea of projecting into a milky sphere in the middle. There’s a couple of options we have, none of them is easy and / or cheap though.

First, I found this amazing guy called Nirav Patel, how does all sorts of electrical DIY device-stuff. He showes here (eclecti.cc/computergraphics/snow-globe-part-one-cheap-diy-spherical-projection) how to build a spherical projection featuring a laser projector. Seems to work very nicely, does have the downside of the costs though. Or do we by any chance have something like this (www.microvision.com/showwxplus/)  available in uni or does any of us has one?

The second chance is a similar approach using another kind of projector – still has to be a ‘short throw’ one, so that we can set the focus into the sphere and get our projection nice and crisp as seen here (www.hml.queensu.ca/?q=node/302).

Third option is Inspace’s puffersphere, seems to be fairly easy to work with, but apparently not so easy to get from the Inspace guys.

Then, we can switch to a simple projection on the floor (or a low table / block / etc.) and use a normal but strong projector looking downwards from the ceiling. Dave, how many Lumen does your projector have? Since we have this whole ambient light problem, we need one with let’s say >1500 Lumen. I will talk to Kev about it as well.

What do you think is smart / within our (time / money) budget?


Hi Michael,

I’ve spoken to Mark Daniels and Dr Mark Wright and while another group seems to be using it too, they’d be happy for you to discuss using the Puffersphere if appropriate.

I’ll discuss this with you more tomorrow.


8 Feb 2012, 2:56pm
by Michael Ibrahim Heins

More to the projection:

I have talked to Kev – there are 4 pieces of vertical scaffolding that we can connect horizontally and use them to have our stuff dangeling down from them. Also, we could attach our screen on them and project onto it from below – have to think of resolution, light and strength of the projectors then (Kev’s is a HITACHI ED X3270A, 1024 x 768, 1900 Lumen. Could be okay, going to try it on saturday).
I also asked for Dr Mark’s advice on the projection stuff and using Inspace in general, but I’m still wating for an answer.
More soon.


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