Personality Team

The group was split into three separate teams based on the skills each individual had and on what skills they would like to learn throughout the project. The specific teams are Audio, Visuals and the Documentation and Installation team.

Key: Name | Masters Degree | Workshop

Audio Team:

Tristan Karaman | Sound Design Media | Understanding Objects 

Adam Poustie | Sound Design Media | Atomic Autography and Supercollider

Claudio Clafrica | Audio Production | 3D Interpretation

Visual Team:

Maoqi Sun | Design Digital Media | Understanding Objects

Danfeng Yang | Design Digital Media | Networks

Yali Shao | Design Digital Media | Networks

Yingyu Zhang | Design Digital Media | 3D Interpretation

Documentation and Installation Team:

Yuqing Li | Acoustics and Music Technology | Documentation

Ollie Bonsall | Acoustics and Music Technology | Documentation