Concept and Context

1. Fundamental concepts and project content

The style of jeans that you buy most, your loath food, your time management tips, your sense of humor, your attitude towards Brexit, all these “personal” aspects of you is a reflection of your personality. But what exactly is personality and why is it even important?

Your personality defines the way you interact with the exterior world. It manipulates you to behave, to feel and to choose in a way that no one else in the world could ever copy. But it is more than the sum of your character, habits, preferences and emotions. It influences your deeds and is also constantly shaped by your deeds. It derives from all the instants in your history and will drive your future.

Based upon the fact that personality is complex, this project focuses on exploring different aspects of the concept “personality” in a digital context. Concepts and ideas take the form of visual and sound effects that are created and displayed with modern technology.

2. Collection of ideas

The basic design for this work is centered at designing interactive personality tests, visualizing and auralizing different personality types. We want to be creative with our imagination in the world of personality: What does a specific personality type look/sound like? How does it look/sound different from another?

In addition to the general recognition of personality (i.e. in the human world), things are more interesting and rich when we start to associate this discussion with technology itself. Technology enables us to do what we could never physically achieve, especially in terms of socialization and communication. Therefore, it is crucial to consider how technology has contributed to shaping our personality. Take social media as an example, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook enable us to share more pieces of our lives and look more at others’. But we only share what we want others to see, so there is almost no approach to know the true, complete version of a person behind the screen, and people have been concerned about differentiating an “online personality” from the “offline personality”.

Furthermore, as all technology is created by human, the unavoidable bias from the developers gives the technology certain behaviour and characteristics that serve as its “personality”, which deeply influences people that are using them.

3. About this submission

We are a group of nine and our personalities are very different, therefore we have individual discussions on the topic, and you will see a collection of creative work for the first submission. But our common goal is to answer and demonstrate the following questions:

  1. Does technology affect our personalities?
  2. Do we have an offline and online personality?
  3. Does technology have its own personality?
  4. How can we test and demonstrate the above?

The project will attempt and hopefully succeed in answering the questions set out above in a dynamic and aesthetic manner.