Sound Team – summary of work

In the first weeks, the sound team discussed what the initial aesthetics of the project would be. Since we did not have anything concrete, we started by creating drafts of soundscapes and drones we could use as background in the different sections of our personality test. At some point, we decided the personality test should have different outcomes, each with its own sonic qualities linked to the different traits of personalities. During this phase Tristan and I, composed a library of musical ideas to express the peculiarities of the personality types; diplomats, sentinels, analysts, and explorers. Unfortunately, these ideas and designs ended up not being used in the final project as the team took a different path from the initial one.

After submission 1 and as soon as the visual team provided visuals and images, we decided to design sounds specifically for them, even though we did not know exactly what form the project would take. As they developed more visual material we decided to design sounds for every single Processing patch to combine all these different sections into a cohesive experience. Each question had its own challenges and needed different sonic ideas to make it stand out.

Claudio started building a sound library of all the music, notifications and icon sounds we come across in our daily lives and sorted them by positive, negative, reassuring or intimidating characteristics. While Tristan and Adam worked on background drones and provided sounds for question one, two and four, Claudio took care of three, five and six.

1: Facebook is sending your personal information to someone else! Do you want to stop this? (online privacy)

A. positive Adam

B. negative Tristan

2: If there are two photos for you to select and post on Instagram, do you select the happy, energetic photo or the calm, relaxed photo? (sharing personal routine)

A. positive Tristan

B. negative Adam

3: Would you say the same negative comment you post online to someone’s face? Claudio

4: If you could use technology to cut someone from your life would you? Adam

5: If you don’t set up a firewall to block unwanted advertisements, this is what will happen. (pop-up ads) Claudio

6: Do you rate people’s life, appearance, jobs, opinions by the content they post online? Claudio

Background drone soundscapes:

Main Drone: Tristan

Secondary Drone: Tristan

Additional work

  1. Social media sounds library: Claudio

  2. Adam’s early videos.

  3. Music ideas for personality types:

Exhibition Setup:

2 x 8040 Genelec

2 x 8010 Genelec

Mackie 1642 VLZ4 Mixer

10 ¼ inch Jacks to Jack/ RCA

3 webcams