Workshop Notes-Understanding objects

This workshop is to explore ways of presenting and experiencing “objects” (2D visuals, 3D, sounds)

-There different modes of audience experience:

  1. Audience observing/experiencing objects without transforming them
  2. Performer transforming objects live and audience observing/experiencing
  3. Audience participation in the work by interacting with objects
  4. Audience participation in the work by interacting with performers and objects

-Ways for arranging objects in space:

  • Types of space:

Real environment (outdoors/public space, indoors/exhibition space)

Virtual reality (artificial environment/gaming environment)

Augmented reality (virtual objects in real environment/apps)

Mixed reality (interacting both with real and virtual)

Extended reality (brings together VR, AR, MR under one term)

  • Designinga space:

Shape and scale

-Performing with objects and using objects in interactive setups and audience participation:

  • Temporality and liveness (real-time & non-real-time)
  • some examples of case:
  1. Box space for audience within exhibition space + sound + light
  2. Objects-instruments on pedestals + audience as “active explorers” and performers of the work + sense of community
  3. Kinetic screen-like structure + sound + audience body reflection
  4. Projections + sound + performers interacting with the work’s materials
  5. Performance/soundwalk + live sound + public space + audience participating by following artist

In the last part of the workshop, we designed a simple space for our final project. Maybe we need two rooms, one is public and another is private. The private room is like this.


Here are some additional resources we can refer to: