A list of all the software used, what version it was, what was done with the software and why it was chosen to be used.

Audio team

Opening drone – Claudio Rappoccio

For the opening drone has been used Pure Data and specifically a modular synthesizer inspired library called Automatonism, used to have a broader sound palette to work with from the start. The sound aims at putting the audience on their toes.


For all of my audio work, I used REAPER as my DAW – for future submissions I may use MAX or Supercollider, but my knowledge with REAPER allowed me to make quick concepts efficiently.
For the video work, all editing was done with Adobe Premiere Pro, sourcing images and footage from the internet.

Tristan Karaman

For my audio compositions, I used a combination of sounds from my synthesizers, social media sound sample banks and audio processing form Max/Msp for the drones. The they were all sequenced and mixed in Ableton Live 9.

Visual team


The software I used to draw the picture is Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. I basically used the “pen” tool to draw outlines of objects and adjust the value of opacity to obtain the effects I want to get. I chose this software because Adobe Illustrator is an advanced graphics tool, it is a vector-based software that can create vector graphics.
I also used processing to design visual elements because processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. There is a website called “Open Processing” which provides a lot of excellent examples to serve as reference. Another advantage of processing is that we can make interactive functions.


For drawing the picture I used the  APP called Procreate on IPad.  I choose it because I can use apple pencil to draw pictures in a hand-painting style.

For designing sound visualization I also used the Processing as the based software, and it is a great software to do some creative design of interaction.


The software I used to design the picture is Photoshop.


For visual design, I mainly use the software of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 for typesetting because it is more suitable for editing vector graphics, I will also use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 to edit photos as well. In addition, I am trying to write some simple code with Processing to make the overall visual design more interactive.