Personality test design and ideas behind it

The design of this personality test template gains its idea from an HTML5 personality test produced by a Chinese software NetEaseMusic . Rather than asking people to evaluate themselves like most of the other personality tests do, this form of test focuses on people’s preferences in certain visual and sound effects. One major feature of this work is that it has an interface that imitates that of a social media software. Questions and answers appear as if the person under test is chatting with another person. Therefore, some thoughts could be put into the choice of questions and style of design: what is this test’s personality? The one you see above constructs a sweet story, but how different would people feel of it if we choose to build a dark, weird world through the question line?

The real interactive test to be developed in the future would be an artwork itself. We plan to give the result/feedback also as sound and visual effects rather than specific, determinative words. For people who will be taking this test, it would be a more aesthetic experience than a logical one. Further details for the future development of it can be found in the “Development for Submission Two” session.