Development for Submission Two

What we will do for the second submission, our goals and how we will achieve them.

For the second submission, we would like to:

(1) Complete the present creative work, i.e. the personality test, audio and visual effects for different personalities.

We need to develop the real interactive personality test with tools such as HTML, and design the questions and choices with rich visual and sound effects. We want it to be abstract, imaginary and artistic.

To compensate for the lack of logic in this personality test, we plan to develop another one using accurate questions. Through this combination, we believe the users would get excited about how their personalities can be expressed in different forms. But we need to keep the key concept in mind: personality is complex, and it might be more interesting and inspiring to construct a “personality spectrum” rather than give boring keywords back to users.

(2) Deepening the meaning of this project by exploring people’s ‘fabricated’ personality that is shaped by the technology they use, especially social media; and whether technology itself has a fabricated personality imparted on it via the bias of its developers, or input from others. This comes back to one of our earliest ideas: design a real-time interactive system like a black box that takes user input and gives different responses in a mixed media format that put forth a personality. Through the experience of interaction, the user is left questioning the personality of machines and people, and how they are tailored and fabricated based upon different stimuli.

Looking at the 2018 DMSP project “Bias in Creative Technologies” could be a good point to start.

Roles and responsibilities

Key: Name | Responsibility

Audio Team:

Tristan Karaman | In the short run my idea is to continue developing prototypes of audio material for the main submission, in sound design and composition. As we get closer to the deadline, the installation will shape itself so the audio/visual aesthetics will concretize itself into one cohesive piece. Meanwhile, id also like to also sharpen up my Max/Msp coding knowledge as it may be helpful for the installation’s audio/visual interactivity.

Adam Poustie | Work with the team to create a unified visual and audio experience for the user, that can develop and change as the experience does. Work in scripting to create the experience alongside others, with further emphasis on reactive audio.
To build skills in both video editing and coding, while using my abilities in audio production to help the project on the whole.

Claudio Clafrica | For the second submission my goal is to produce more audiovisual content on the topic of real world vs social media human behaviours, having experienced some of their issues in my own professional life. In particular I will take inspiration from the “nosedive” episode of the tv series “Black Mirror” to create a discussion on the contrasting sides of real/constructed personalities. On the technical side I plan to improve my sound generating Pure Data patch in order to have more controls of the sound palette available to sonify the visual material and to represent the Diplomats personality type through sound. In addition I’ll take care of the installation and hopefully use the Microsoft Kinect to add liveliness and make the sound react to different movements of the consumer.

Visual Team:

Maoqi Sun | Design and further develop the visual contents of personality test, and implement its internation users. Explore more about personality and present them with visuals.

Danfeng Yang | Further develop visual design based on the final questions on the personality test, and implement its interactivity with code; contribute to the final submission as much as I can.

Yali Shao |I will try to make personality tests with HTML5 and improve the interaction design. At the same time, I will design more sound visualization by Processing.

Yingyu Zhang | Further develop visual elements about personality test, using processing to create visuals which may interact with sound and users. Editing videos which combine visual and audio design together.

Documentation and Installation Team:

Yuqing Li | Design questions for the interactive personality test, create it with tools such as HTML; contribute to the development of the interactive system; write the final project report

Ollie Bonsall | I will do the final report and prepare the installation for the exhibition.


Work plan

Timeline                Group task

02.25 – 03.01        Deeper research into existing ideas, focusing on digital personality. Group meetings, exchange of ideas

03.02 – 03.07        Workshops and installation ideas, development of audio and visual effects

03.08 – 03.14        Development of audio and visual effects

03.15 – 03.20        Communication of work, advice and expectation for other group members

03.21 – 03.25        Integration and cooperation

03.26- 03.31         Preparation for exhibition

04.01 – 04.05        Presentation week

04.05 – 04.28        Completion of creative work and construction of documentation for the final submission