Submission 3 Instructions

Reflective analysis and documentation of the project with emphasis on one major aspect.

From the main DMSP project brief:

Short online article 20%, 1000 words max.

“Taking your lead from interesting online magazines such this one in artcritical, 2011,
write a short, punchy article on a theme relating to your project. We definitely DO
NOT want personal diaries about how well or badly the project went, but a discus-
sion of an interesting theme that you might have had to engage with directly or that
interests you now that the practical work has been completed.

“For example, if your project was about projection mapping, you could write about
the issues relating to how projection mapping has been co-opted by the advertising
industry and how might have limited the artistic potential of these approaches. You
SHOULD NOT write about how you fell out with everyone because your projector
broke on the night of the presentation.

“The article should be no more than 1000 words long but can include images and
references to the documentation and resources you published in submission 2.”

Due: Friday 26th April