Submission 1 Instructions

Submission outcomes are flexible to start with, but must be made concrete by group consensus by Week 2.

Research led experiments at the proof of concept level underpinning the proposed installation. This can include images, BRIEF audio recordings, SHORT video documentation of your experiments so far. It can also include a report identifying key challenges and enabling constraints that will influence the progress and development of your project.

This will be focused around completed experiments with the basic LDR circuit in use Observing the manmade environment. From these experiments, the group will have developed a detailed brief of the final installation and what form it will take, having identified the practical and aesthetic challenges to be met.

The results of exploratory experiments in Generation will be presented in this submission to give a clear idea of the direction and feasibility of the final installation.

This will be in the form of a webpage within this blog. Use of external websites to host media content, such as Soundcloud and Vimeo is encouraged, although only short, and above all, relevant materials should be posted.

Due: 15th February