First task

This page is for you to get to know each other. Add one image and introduce yourself to the group in 100 words (approx.) briefly stating what skills you have and how your previous experience (professional, academic, personal) can contribute to the “Life in 3D” project.

If you had to condense in who you are, what you do, what you’ve done and what excites you about 3D, what would you write?

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Tom Bestwick:  Hi Guys, I’m studying MSc Sound Design (part-time second year).  My interests are mainly focused on linear design for film, TV and radio.  I thrive to use my sound design to create and strengthen narrative.  Although on the course I have participated in audio programming (using Max/MSP) and sound design for video games (using Fmod and Unity).  

My current aim is too launch a fantasy podcast, so I’m writing the script for that at the moment.  Here’s an example of some of my old work for a radio drama based on the graphic novel Kill Audio:

I am comfortable in Foley work which is creating sounds in creative ways.  Think cracking a carrot for the sound of a bone breaking or frying onions for the sound of rain. 

When it comes to 3D film this will be my first project, although I have done the sound design for a number of short films and animations.  This is an animation I worked on called The Golden Bird:  and an older project called The Medium 

For me approaching the concept of 3d film has always made me question how we can increase the 3d representation of sound in film.  In a cinema it is maybe not logistically possible to have everyone with a set of headphones but maybe for our project this would be possible.  I am keen to utilise binaural recording techniques and sound placement in order to bring the sound of our film into a realistic representation.

Youqing Lin:

My undergraduate major is Art and Design and our courses are mainly to study graphic design. I also have learned about filming. In the first semester, my direction is 3d modeling and familiar with Blender. I can also use some adobe softwares like PS, AI, PR, DW and so on. I like to use the things I have studied and also have passion to learn or try new knowledges or new things. I am very interested in 3d film and quite curious about how to film it.

This is all my editing experience:


Shujing GAO:

Hi, I’m a Design and Digital Media student. I studied the Telecommunications Engineering before, therefore, I got a little bit experience on coding and electronics.

It’s my first time working on S3D and film. Last semester, I learnt 3D modelling and animation using Blender, and now I’m studying Unity. Although these 3D things are quite different, it might be helpful sometimes. Stereoscopic 3D is getting more popular these days, what I’m going to do is exploring the possibility on it.


Yuxin WANG


Hey, so excited to have a trip with all you guys in 3D filming. As far as I know, there is a wide range of backgrounds including art design, 3D modeling and sound design. I believe we can figure out something special with collaboration.

I studied communication & TV journalism when I took undergraduate course,during which period I was a big fan of documentary filming and feature filming. At that time, pictures is not my interest for that I adore more about anything with dynamic progress, so films and short movies are my favorite. Usually I just took my digital video with HD quality and wandering around the city, shooting anything I found valuable to develop my taste in beauty and feelings in composition of the scenes. I participant school video studio and produce 15-min documentary every week with my classmates to represent history and beauty of Xi’an, an incident city. Besides, I took interns in provincial TV station once I have winter or summer vacation to be an intern journalist or director.

I really fancy non-linear editing using softwares like PR, AE, Vegas Final cut or Sobey. And I always insist that the good editing shouldn’t  totally be based on the quality of the materials which were given. Editing needs spirit. Although studying design & digital media now, I am not a expertise in coding and painting, no concept in sound design. Really hope to learn something form my peers during this days.



Hey.. I am a Design & Digital Media student. I studied Editing & Publishing for in my undergraduate. I learned how to make a book, a magazine or a simple website with Adobe Indesign, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I love reading and watching movies, big fan of Wong Kar-Wai, and I like storytelling in different ways. I studies 3D modeling and Animation in the last semester. I love music and I am really willing to learn how to edit or mix sound. Really happy to know you all. Let’s do something fun.