Experiment on 3D camera

Time: 03/02/2015

We took an experiment on the performance of 3D camera in Alison House. The purpose of this experiment is to get familiar with the theory of 3D filming.



By measuring the distance between object and camera, a table has been drawn displaying the relationship between convergence value and distance.

Convergence Distance/cm
8 100
10~20 150
17 170
30~40 200

The convergence is the approximate value which can make the object appears at the screen plane. The largest convergence is C99 for our 3D Panasonic HDC-Z10000. According to the table, we speculate that the farthest scene we can take using this camera is about 10 meters.

The two-camera experiment was also been taken. Two identical cameras with same optics were used to simulate two lens, so that the interaxial can be changed. We wanted to compare the performance of these two camera and 3D camera by combining the photos together.



However, it failed because we didn’t get enough preparation on the equipment. We may need anaglyph glasses to finish this experiment since the passive glasses can only be used for particular equipment.