Rimo play test/presentation

Team 1 had an absolute blast at our play test on Thursday 3rd April. It was brilliant to see so many people play the game. Winners of the game took away their very own pet marimo, and we had so much fun decorating the room following our green theme (I was told that one of the play testers could see the green light from outside Alison House)! Thanks again to everyone who joined us, we hoped you enjoyed as much as we did.

Big thanks to Martin Parker for the excellent pics too (from DMSPpics-2013-14 (accessed 06/04/14)).

presentation 2 3april2014 (Luci Holland)rimo_03 (Martin Parker)rimo_04 (Martin Parker) rimo_06 (Martin Parker)rimo_07(Martin Parker)



Rimo ‘public’ playtest

Today at the DMSP class we were lucky to have an impromptu beta test with some classmates who hadn’t seen the game yet. It was a great opportunity to get really in depth feedback from people who were new to the game, with a range of gaming skills and experience. We took a lot from the session, thank you to everyone who played!

Difficult section… Oh the concentration:


It’s all fun and laughter till someone falls off a marimo:


Luke ‘GoldenEye’ Faulkner takes on Rimo:


Team 1 ‘Rimo’ Meeting 18 March ’14

Minutes from Rimo meeting 18 March 2014

1. Presentation set-up: what time is our set-up? How long do we have?

Install night or even day before

2. Play-tested the game with an experienced gamer – the labyrinth effect works!

3. Talked about character development

4. Music implementation – music for challenge 2 not a priority now
Music priorities: Level complete stinger and loop
End screen music: use the cut scene cue
Death cues: need to be shortened
(Death animation length – 2.2s Spawning animation length – .5s)

5. Decided against Rimo growing or his wings growing

– new story idea (and final idea!): Rimo will be playing with his mate Rima, who will be taken off on a marimo. Rimo has to cross lake to find him/her (gender of characters will be as ambiguous as possible).

6. New storyboard (Eleana and Luci completed today, 19th March)

7. Jobs – Yudi to make Rima (different colour of body, and maybe slightly different horns?)
John – help with start/end animations?
Luci/Eleana – storyboard (done)
Frida – general programming/polishing (as per Trello list)

8. Voice of Rimo – Luci, John and Luci will record on 20th March and also invite other people to try

Rimo mascot!

Rimo mascot