Submission 1   Bei Ye (Suzie)

Current work

At the beginning of the project, I have done some experiments using the mobile projector. The outcome of using the image of the coral fauna is quite good.

Pico projector testing

Therefore, I made a pattern combined with the elements of coral, clownfish and sea. This design is mainly inspired by the kaleidoscope, because I want the this image to be attractive and illusional. Also, considering it might have animation in the future, the symmetrical pattern is much easier to become dynamic by doing rotating or repetition. The elements around the “flower” representing the broken fragments of the sea.

sea illusion

This pattern is a demo and can be used both for mapping content or graphic element of the event (e.g. posters or brochures). It shows part of our project theme and the artistic conception.

In addition, I have designed a mapping prototype for the main sculpture of our exhibition, which is Winged Victory of Samothrace. As this sculpture of goddess was created to honor a sea battle, I used the color of blue to representing the sea, at the same time, I used the pattern of the stars to delivery the feeling of holiness and mystery.

Regarding the theme of our exhibition is “recover”,I recreate a wing for the Winged Victory. I trying to reappear the image that the goddess was descending to alight upon the ship.

 Winged Victory of Samothrace

I also did another mapping prototype for the “Dying Gaul”. The references showing that the statue may provide evidence to corroborate ancient accounts of the fighting style—Diodorus Siculus reported that “Some of them have iron breastplates or chainmail while others fight naked”. ( Diodorus in Stephen Allen,2001)

The pattern on the sculpture’s chest is the shape of a red coral, it represents his “new” heart. I aim to strengthen the aesthetic feeling of this casting by combining the background story and our theme to the design. I hope the audience will get the feeling that the seawater is healing the indomitable warrior.

Dying Gaul

Besides, I have developed an idea that we could put some real shells on this sculpture to create more connection with the decorated environment. The effect picture is as follow.

Dying Gaul

Future progress

As there are only limited numbers of projectors, we will only choose two or three sculptures to do the projector mapping. Therefore, I will focus my attention on the mapping animations of the two sculptures later and continuing trying to delivery more contents of our theme to the design, at the same time, ensure the aesthetics perception.


Diodorus in Stephen Allen (Author), Wayne Reynolds (Illustrator), Celtic Warrior: 300 BCE – 100 CE (Osprey: 25 April 2001), ISBN 1-84176-143-5. p. 22

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