Project brief video

Environments in (e)motion

Video transcript:

  • Hi, I’m Rocio von Jungenfeld and I will supervise this DMSP project.
  • Environments in (e)motion is a site-specific project where you will investigate how to combine environments and motion with media and digital technologies.
  • You will do this to create an augmented environment which can take the form of a live event or an installation.
  • Your augmented environment will be designed for the Sculpture Court, which is located in Lauriston Place (ECA main building).

Sculpture Court Full View

  • There you will listen, move, smell, touch and observe the site, and parting from these perceptual experiences you will then devise the project.
  • Your project has to be inclusive and accessible, it should invite people to participate and engage.
  • The biggest challenge of site-specific projects, like this one, is that the work cannot simply be added to the site, it has to emerge from it. The site inspires the work and is core to the project.
  • The technologies that you will use to produce and present the work may include sensors, projectors, 3D cameras / displays, binaural / ambisonic microphones, 3D printers, VR head mounts, headphones, a range of speakers, mobile phones, other mobile devices, etc. It really is up to you!!

In this project you will:

  • acquire conceptual and technical skills
  • gain understanding of human perception
  • create media content and design an experience
  • learn as well to manage individual tasks as part of group

All these learning outcomes will be valuable in any professional settings where you might work in the future.

Best of luck with your DMSP projects!