Animation for Dying Gaul

Animation for Dying Gaul


I was in charge of animating the Dying Gaul sculpture. The story line of the animation is to present the magic healing power that coming from under the sea.


  • Ideas

The sculpture of dying Gaul itself aim to performance a dying soldier of Galatians which should be very brave and will never give up. Even though his head was bowed and he was painful because endless bleeding and so many wounds, you can tell the unwilling to yield determination from his face. His right arm was missing but the right hand was supporting the ground, left knee bent, looks like he was still trying to struggle to stand up.未命名

“in their love of glory and defiant spirit, had thrown off their garments and taken up their position in front of the whole army naked and wearing nothing but their arms…” (Polybius, Histories II.28)a

In order to recovery this unyielding soldier, I created a bleeding human heart just to exaggerated representation the pain he is bearing. There was a magic fish coming from under the sea, she tours around the dying Gaul and notice his heart was bleeding. Then she kissed the heart which stopped the blood bleeding and after that a coral heart appeared instead of a human heart. The coral heart then star work and transport the blood though his whole body and the missing arm are growing back.


  • Methodologies

I used Maya to bulid the 3D model of the sculpture to make it more realism. It was a real challenge because the human body contained a lot of details and the proportion was so important that it will effect the next step. I also used After Effect to create the seabed and seaweeds scenes.

图片 1



Mapping it should not be a huge deal but it still requires a lot of time to find the perfect projection.

ccccc cc ccccccc ccc cccccc c

  • Final results

MEETING 16 (15 March)

15th March, 18:30-21:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: projector setting, animation test


In this meeting, we did a test using the current content to determine where to set the projector for the main sculpture. The reason we did this test is because we were not sure that if the content of the main sculpture will show clearly when projecting from the first floor as we planed previously.

The result came out that it is not achievable to set the projector for the main sculpture on the first floor. Because the distance between the projector and the sculpture is too far that the details of the animation cannot show on the main sculpture. Therefore, we need to set the projector for the main sculpture on the ground floor.

After the testing, we changed our plan for projector mapping. We planed to do the projector mapping of the main wall and main sculpture together using one computer, but now, we need to do the two mappings separately.


MEETING 15 (14 March)

14th March, 13:30-14:30pm, Alison House

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Visual Materials; Division of work;Equipment booking


In this meeting, we had a discussion about the content of visual materials in this project (e.g. poster and brochure). In submission one, we have created a demo to show the basic style and artistic conception,which is dreamlike . We got good feedback from our supervisor. Therefore, we decided to maintain the style of this dome image and still use the inspiration of kaleidoscope when creating new designs.


sea illusion

Regarding the division of work, Ye Tian will take responsibility of the brochure making and Bei Ye will take responsibility of the poster design.

We also planed to do a small test in the sculpture court on the next day, because we want have a draft plan of the equipments setting. We have booked all the equipments we need during the meeting, which are projector (HitachiCP-X1250:6644), camera tripod and extension lead.

Documentation of Environment in (E)motion


The official documentation of project: Environment in (E)motion



Group supervisor: VON JUNGENFELD Rocio

Group members:  Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

  • process:

We used cameras, video cameras and phones to record every meetings and testings of our group. When I began to make the documentary, I sorted out all the clips and put them into different folds which can help me use them efficiently.  I would like to use this documentary to show our animation, our sound and our interaction part, and each members of our group. Beside, the documentary is divided into five parts: why did we do it? who we are? how did we present?

  •  title sequence/ prologue of our documentary

Main Wall Animation and Documentary Making

Submission Two :   Projection Mapping (Background Part) & Documentary  Making

ZHENG WANG (Shana)   s1513579

  • videos
  • Inspiration Ideas:

The project is named Environment in (e)motion, the environment be provided with us is located in the Sculpture Court in the Edinburgh College of Art.

There are a number of valuable sculpture collection in the Sculpture Court, because of the long history and the inappropriate protection of the sculptures (some were used inappropriately by teaching activities), some sculptures were damaged by more or less.

So we thought this topic ‘recovery’, a journey of recovery.

The word recovery itself is very abstract.

First we need to recovery what?

It is the wound on body need to be cured. It is the wounded heart need to be cured. It is the ordinary people who experienced suffering need to be cured. At the same time, you and me also need to be cured although we haven’t suffer from illness or sadness. But we still need a relief from the busy life and get a total recovery from the daily life. Maybe this is a journey to find who you are or find the truth of myself.

In this project, we want to recovery these Victorian time sculptures.

After listening to the introduction from curator of Sculpture Court, we learned about the stories behind these sculptures. Most of sculptures embrace a lively and vivid story. Although they just stand there without a word, they express their stories through silence. But in this project, we want to use forms of animation and interaction to inspire visitors to listen their stories (sculptures stories).

In the traditional Chinese culture, the highest excellence is like that of water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving, the low place which all men dislike. Hence it is near to the Tao. ( )

Water gives birth to the life and the life originates from water. We chose the oceans (water) as our theme to awaken these sleeping lives in our project.

  • Function and Intention:

In this project, I was responsible for the animation part, including designing animation plots, drawing animation sketch and write the storyline of the whole animation.

In the original plan (Submission One), we planned to use only one large projector to project the animation of the main wall an and The Winged Victory of Samothrace. But later, we changed the idea because of technological problems, so our animation was divided into three parts, the first part and also the largest part is the main wall part, the second part is Guals and the third part is Venus de’ Medici part.

Thanks to the clear arrangement of work, our group can finish our personal job effectively.

Overall Storyline of the Animation Part:

  • main part – (using a big projector on the 2nd floor and the other projector on the ground floor)



  1. beginning with the darkness
  2. flying into the cloudy sky
  3. starting raining
  4. showing lightning with thunder
  5. the sky turning dark gradually
  6. sky with the sea
  7. going down to the deep sea
  8. water plant with Victory
  9. the Victory was covered by blood
  10. the lighting hit part of the wings
  11. seawater inundated
  12. the plants grow up
  13. fish swimming around the wall (haven’t achieved the effects)
  14. the overall light turn warm
  15. a fish swimming and kissing the swam bleeding sculpture, the wound on the body is gradually healing and her wing becomes full length (haven’t achieved the effects)


  • Gauls: ( using a medium size projector in the middle of ground floor)
  1. The base portion: Underwater fizzy (like flare effect)
  2. The heart of the human body begins to flash (red weak beat)
  3. The heart begins bleeding
  4. There is a fish on the base portion swim with a braved light
  5. The small fish swim upstream to the heart of Gauls
  6. The small fish kiss the bleeding heart
  7. The shape of bleeding heart is changing from heart to the shape of Coral and coral systemic spread
  • Venus de’ Medici part: (using a small projector)
  1. The organs of the body exposed, revealing the internal organs
  2. then be cured
  3. Healing Body
  4. The light emittingee
    • Methodology of the animation of background wall

    Firstly, I designed a storyline of overall animation and began to make my own part. After discussing with group members, we decided to use After Effects and mad mapper to achieve our animations. To be frankly, each member of group have no background in After Effects before, so everyone need to learn it from zero.

    I looked a series basic After Effects tutorials online and try to make the first part of the animation.  I used  Photoshop to edit original material and then loaded them into After Effects to do animation, finally used Adobe Premier and iMovie to do some editing work.

cloudThe is a screenshot a online video I searched for projection mapping before. And I tried to achieve a similar effects in our presentation show.

cloud I used a lot of effects to make the animation, such as Fractal Noise effect, Particle World Effect, CC Color Offset, Color Correction. edit I divided my animation into 8 parts, including the cloud, the raining, the lighting, the sky and sea, sea, sea2 and plant in the sea. I made the eight parts in AE and them used Premier and imoive to edit.

Here is the first part of the animation: cloud.

  Here is the last part of my animation: plant in the sea. I used AI do design the originally pattern and edited them in Photoshop. To achieve the the feeling of plant growth in the water, I used Distort effects( CC Rripple Pulse, Displacement Map, Liquify, Ripple, Turbulent Displace)to make it.


At the originally design, I haven’t use a lot of  Distort effects to make this part. But after discussing with our supervisor, Rocio advised me to make this part more relevant into our overall theme and suggested me to make plant waving in the water irregularly. So I made some changes to the animation. Although only some minor changes were made to this part, the overall effect of the show becomes more coherent.

Here is the animation of plant in the sea.

And these two pictures showed the presentation day situation.


And this is the live performance.

  • Project Appraisal  

Overall, our performance achieved a good effects and even myself also was influenced by the atmosphere. Animations, sounds and interaction, the three part cooperate with each other nearly perfectly. Some audience shared their feelings with us and set a high value on our performance. However, we all know that there are still a lot of improvements we can do.

 We use two parts to tell our story. But it is a little bit confusing for audience to understand our story. The four part animations are not such coherent and the location of interaction part  is quite unfriendly for visitors to attend (in the east corner of Sculpture Court).  Although we arranged two lying chairs in the middle of Sculpture Court, there are too many people come here ( the numbers of visitors exceeded our expectation) and it is quite crowd to find a place to stand. So it is impossible to sit in chairs.

However, I am still proud of my group members. Because during this project everyone put efforts in it and we all enjoy doing a team work together, we like to share opinions give a help to each other.  It is not just a show.

  •  Documentary

In addition to the making of animation part, I was also responsible for the documentary shooting,editing and producing.

We used cameras, video cameras and phones to record every meetings and testings of our group. When I began to make the documentary, I sorted out all the clips and put them into different folds which can help me use them efficiently.  I would like to use this documentary to show our animation, our sound and our interaction part, and each members of our group. Beside, the documentary is divided into five parts: why did we do it? who we are? how did we present?

  •  title sequence/ prologue of our documentary

uni logo

Thanks for our supervisor Rocio who gave us valuable suggestions and help.



Animation for Venus de’ Medici

I chose Venus de’ Medici as the projected sculpture. And the video below shows the testing result of my animation.


Recovery is the theme of our project and water is the key element we need to make use of, so I was thinking about to combine the cast with water in a digital way to illustrate the process of recovery. As we know, water plays a strong role in our life physically and mentally. I was inspired a lot by the concept of water in terms of life and death. For many religions, pure water is often a important component for birth rituals and death rituals.

From the perspective of physiology, water is the major component for living animals. In some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water, moreover, up to 60% of the human adult body is water. As our theme is related to recovery and water, I imagined the cast had the same inside organs like human beings. So that I decided to make an animation showing the water flowing inside the body of Venus like the water flowing in a river. And the water will finally recall her body by gradually spreading in the circulatory system.


I used Adobe After Effect and Photoshop to make the animation.

Firstly, I referred to the circulatory system of human body (in the picture below) and the body of Venus de’ Medici, drew several blood vessels in Photoshop and exported in PNG format. I divided the vessels into different part, and put them in different layers in Photoshop as well.


the circulatory system of human body

I imported all of the PNG pictures into After Effect as individual layers. Then I used the WarpoMatic and set the key frames in different value to make the beating of heart and the sway of seaweeds. I also used Line Sweep for the flowing water and spreading blood vessels.

屏幕快照 2016-04-19 下午11.31.33

Using WarpoMatic for beating heart and swaying seaweed

屏幕快照 2016-04-19 下午11.46.48

Using Line Sweep for flowing water and blood vessels

The whole statue is almost in dark at the beginning, and it appeared at the last seconds. The appearance of the statue is kind of final recovery of Venus, and final result in real site is like the pictures below.

屏幕快照 2016-04-19 下午11.51.44

The statue is in dark in animation.

屏幕快照 2016-04-19 下午11.52.44

The statue appears in animation.








屏幕快照 2016-04-20 上午1.28.52

The Result of statue in dark.

屏幕快照 2016-04-20 上午1.26.18

The Result of statue appearing.

To achieve these effects, I used Block Dissolve, together with Light Burst. I set the Transition Percentage at 95% at the beginning, and decreased it to 10% at the end. The use of Light Burst is for lightening the outlines of Venus to make her shadow look better in dark environment.

屏幕快照 2016-04-20 上午1.55.50

The Light Burst setting

屏幕快照 2016-04-20 上午1.56.09

The Block Dissolve setting

In order to make the animation match the sculpture well, I used Madmapper to adjust my animation. Firstly, I set the position of my projector and sculpture (step 1). Then I took a picture of the sculpture at the same angel with the projector (step 2). I used the picture I took as the background (first layer) in Madmapper (step 3), and inserted the animation to second layer. Then I subdivided the animation, and controlled the typical points to make it map the sculpture (step 4).


The Mapping Methods.

The video below shows the first version of the animation for Venus de’ Medici. It is about 30 seconds long. As you seen, the colour saturation is not strong enough, so that the heart beating is not clear enough in the animation. Moreover, the water is growing up too fast, and the same problem in blood vessels’ spreading. Our supervisor, Rocio mentioned these problems, and I revised them. The second video is the final version, and I make it for about 50 seconds long.



The Introduction

What is the journey of Recovery?


Recovery is the theme of Environments in emotion, which is a site-specific project set in the sculpture court, Edinburgh College of Art. The project aims to combine environments and motion with media and digital technologies to create an augmented live event.

Why did we do it?

Recovery is the theme of our project, and water is the key element in the live event. Dr. Margaret Stewart introduced most of the cast collection in sculpture court for us, and we were inspired a lot by the discovery and re-modelling process of these casts. It is said most of the casts were buried in water or ground for a long time, so that some parts of their bodies are missing. Among all the casts, the Winged Victory is one of most attractive cast, and it was found in the Aegean Sea in 1863, but the figure’s head has never been found. According to this information, we were thinking about recovering the cast by media and digital technologies, and create an interactive event. In particular, we thought water is a good carrier to convey the theme, for example the water waves and the sound of floating water can easily create a mild and peaceful environment. Therefore, we were going to combine them together with digital technologies.

Who we are?

IMG_9424We are all from Design and Digital Media, but we have different academic backgrounds.

We are all from Design and Digital Media, but we have different academic backgrounds.

Shana worked as a Journalist before, and she made the animation of walls around winged Victory. Lynn used to study media management, and she was in charge of the animation of Venus de’ Medici. Hazel used to study digital media, and she made the animation of Dying Gaul. Suzie studied media management before, and she made the animation of winged Victory. Dora used to study Advertising, and she set up the interactive part in the project by using Processing and Kinect. Terry used to study in Communication, and he was in charge of the sound part of our live show.

When and how did we present the journey of Recovery?

The event took place on the March 28th, in the Sculpture Court. We used five projectors, one Kinect, and some audio equipment borrowed from ECA Bookit.


Our project consisted of an animation section and an interaction section.

The animation section included 4 parts, and they were made for the Winged Victory, the Dying Gaul, the Venus de’ Medici, and the wall around the Winged Victory. The animation was mapped via Madmapper and then projected on the relevant objects. In these animations, we combined the key element “water” with other elements such as organs, clouds and feathers in different ways to tell the story of Recovery.

The interactive section was displayed after the animation, and visitors could engage in the section. By moving their bodies, the water waves were being projected on the wall. Specifically, visitors’ movements were collected by Kinect, calculated in Processing via Java codes and displayed on screen.

With the help of Marcin, the background sound was playing in 3D way via 4 speakers at 4 corners of the displaying space. Particularly, the background music matched with the visuals in every changing frames to enhance the sense of recovery during the duration of the event.

More about the ideas, methodologies and the presenting visual effects of animation and interaction sections are available in our blog.

Winged Victory:

Wall around Winged Victory:

Venus de’ Medici:

Interaction via Kinect:…tion-with-kinect/.

Background sound:


Janson, H.W. (1995) History of Art. 5th edn. Revised and expanded by Anthony F. Janson. London: Thames & Hudson, pp. 157-158. ISBN 0500237018

Sounds and Music

Submission2  YE TIAN (Terry)

Sounds and music are able to be considered as a significant part of a show of light mapping. In this case, the sounds and background music are planned and achieved from aspects below.

Function and Intention

From the view of us, the sounds and music contain a great deal of information we would like to deliver to the audiences. As the theme of our project, “recovery” is a huge and abstract idea to be presented. To effectively impact the emotions of the audiences in limited minutes and clearly convey our thought about this topic, we mixed the sounds recorded from the real world and generated by electric tools with music, to deliver information in a more emotional way.

From the view of the audiences, the show is supposed to be more real for them to immerse in. The topic we focusing on in this project is how to influence people’s emotion within an environment that may be familiar with. To be more convictive, the audience needs to be brought to a fictitious world by some elements from other environments, which are how our sounds and music works.

From the view of the show, sounds, especially background music, act as a link among different pieces of content throughout. By connecting every second with or without animations, the music made the show presented and received as an entirety. Furthermore, for the reason we used the effect of multi-channel, the sounds fulfilled and moved through the whole space. By achieving this, the show is able to lead the attention to anywhere required by itself and involve all the audiences.

Method and Implementation

Most of the sound of nature were recorded from the real world to establish a convincing “virtual reality”.

#portobello #edinburgh #sea #northsea

A video posted by 田野 (@impressiveterry) on

Zoom H6 Recorder

Zoom H6 Recorder

Besides, some melodies are played by me with a keyboard linked to Logic Pro X.


M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2

Some other sounds come from the Apple Loop embedded in Garage Band.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.07.00

To precisely present and smoothly combine with the animation, we use a multi-channel speaker system with four speakers surrounding the audiences.


Sketch map

To mix and generate the sounds and music, I used Logic Pro X and Totalmix. Fireface was used for as the interface of the multi-channel control system. Here thanks to helping from Ph.D. student Mr. Marcin Pietruszewski.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.33.16

For the content of music, I divided the whole piece into four parts. The first one aim to establish a simulated environment of the seaside, where the sculpture Winged Victory was found. The sound of sea waves and people noise on the beach are mixed with the sound of thunder and lightning. Following that, the theme melody fades in, matching with the animation on the main mapping wall and the sculpture Winged Victory. This part is frightened and dramatic for matching the mood before recovery. For the third part, the sound of heart beating and water drop are used as cues to lead the audiences to watch different mapping interface in different directions. The last part embodies the stage after recovery. This part is calm and peaceful also for the reason that it is the background sound for audiences to interact with the water on the wall. Within the context of multi-channel, all the tracks are played following particular rules. By record with Surround Panner in Logic Pro X under the mode of Latch, I kept all the music basically stayed behind the audiences, cue sounds cooperate with animation precisely. For instance, the sound of heart beat came from the side of the Dying Gual, who can be seen by the audiences with a bleeding heart.

Hindsight and Improvement

As the work of non-background, the part of sound has large space to improve in the next time.

The most important key is the collaboration with visual elements. With more time, the sound and animation are supposed to run following a strict timeline and script. By achieving this, the music and sound will be more relevant with the animation.

Furthermore, it will be more impressive if the background music can be more abstract. At the moment, the music generated by electrical simulator with a computer can be easily recognised as stimulating music, but not hi-fi music played by instruments. Considered the situation that live music is not practical, abstract sounds are also effective to impact emotions of the audiences.


Presentation Personal Documentary- Environment in Emotion


Time: March 26,10:00-23:00pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Presentation Day Testing 2

Overview: In this session, it was the second time for our group to do our testing. I made a series of short videos to documentary the special day for everyone in our group.

Hope you enjoy watching them.

Preparation Testing Stage 

Animation Part



Interactive Part

Background Sound Part

The seven clips show the processes our group do the settlement and testing before the official presentation day.