Animation for Dying Gaul

Animation for Dying Gaul


I was in charge of animating the Dying Gaul sculpture. The story line of the animation is to present the magic healing power that coming from under the sea.


  • Ideas

The sculpture of dying Gaul itself aim to performance a dying soldier of Galatians which should be very brave and will never give up. Even though his head was bowed and he was painful because endless bleeding and so many wounds, you can tell the unwilling to yield determination from his face. His right arm was missing but the right hand was supporting the ground, left knee bent, looks like he was still trying to struggle to stand up.未命名

“in their love of glory and defiant spirit, had thrown off their garments and taken up their position in front of the whole army naked and wearing nothing but their arms…” (Polybius, Histories II.28)a

In order to recovery this unyielding soldier, I created a bleeding human heart just to exaggerated representation the pain he is bearing. There was a magic fish coming from under the sea, she tours around the dying Gaul and notice his heart was bleeding. Then she kissed the heart which stopped the blood bleeding and after that a coral heart appeared instead of a human heart. The coral heart then star work and transport the blood though his whole body and the missing arm are growing back.


  • Methodologies

I used Maya to bulid the 3D model of the sculpture to make it more realism. It was a real challenge because the human body contained a lot of details and the proportion was so important that it will effect the next step. I also used After Effect to create the seabed and seaweeds scenes.

图片 1



Mapping it should not be a huge deal but it still requires a lot of time to find the perfect projection.

ccccc cc ccccccc ccc cccccc c

  • Final results

MEETING 16 (15 March)

15th March, 18:30-21:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: projector setting, animation test


In this meeting, we did a test using the current content to determine where to set the projector for the main sculpture. The reason we did this test is because we were not sure that if the content of the main sculpture will show clearly when projecting from the first floor as we planed previously.

The result came out that it is not achievable to set the projector for the main sculpture on the first floor. Because the distance between the projector and the sculpture is too far that the details of the animation cannot show on the main sculpture. Therefore, we need to set the projector for the main sculpture on the ground floor.

After the testing, we changed our plan for projector mapping. We planed to do the projector mapping of the main wall and main sculpture together using one computer, but now, we need to do the two mappings separately.


MEETING 15 (14 March)

14th March, 13:30-14:30pm, Alison House

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Visual Materials; Division of work;Equipment booking


In this meeting, we had a discussion about the content of visual materials in this project (e.g. poster and brochure). In submission one, we have created a demo to show the basic style and artistic conception,which is dreamlike . We got good feedback from our supervisor. Therefore, we decided to maintain the style of this dome image and still use the inspiration of kaleidoscope when creating new designs.


sea illusion

Regarding the division of work, Ye Tian will take responsibility of the brochure making and Bei Ye will take responsibility of the poster design.

We also planed to do a small test in the sculpture court on the next day, because we want have a draft plan of the equipments setting. We have booked all the equipments we need during the meeting, which are projector (HitachiCP-X1250:6644), camera tripod and extension lead.


Time: March 28, 20:30, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Presentation

屏幕快照 2016-04-20 下午9.56.59Today is the presentation day, and we gathered in the Sculpture Court at 2pm. We have checked our equipment and tested them again. Our presentation time is 20:30, and there are many people coming to engage in. We have got many useful feedback from audience and tutors.

After the presentation, we found several aspect we need to improve.

  1.  Although we have one theme (recovery), each of the animation seems to be different from others. If the animation could be in one style, the overall effect would be better.
  2. We could make the presentation better if there is a guide book or sound guide. Some audience do not know when could they engage in the event. We assumed that people would come in front of the Kinect and interacted with the water screen, but there is only a few come and engaged in.
  3. There is some problem happening, but we did not figure out a good solution in advance. We did not know there would so many people come to our event, and the space for us to present seems to be so narrow when so many people came here. Since half of the space has been for other projects, we set our interaction kit on the side wall (between the projector and cast). It is one of the reasons why people did not notice they could come past the projector and engaged in.

Presentation Testing Episode 2

Time: March 27,19:30-22:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Presentation Day Testing 3

Overview:  It is the last night before our presentation. All the equipments are settled down. We also discussed the orders of each animation, and make it matched up with the background sound.


This time, we have finally settled down the position of our projectors and projected objects. As the positions has changed a little, we mapped the animations again in Madmapper. Right after solving these problems, we played the animation, and Rocio gave us suggestions to improving them. We tested the interaction part again, and found that people should face towards to Kinect, otherwise the sensor cannot collect people’s movements accurately.

At then end of this meeting, we played all the animation together. We assigned a timetable for each one to start playing their own animation. As we need to control the computers at his/her position, so we decided to look at the main wall animation, and pressed start playing based on each specific frames (pictures). Here is the orders: main wall, winged Victory, Venus de’ Medici and the Dying Gaul, then start the interaction section.

MEETING 13 (7 March)

Time: March 7, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m., ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Overview: We had a meeting with Ph.D. Marcin Pietruszewski to discuss the arrangement of sound equipment at the presentation day.

For the reason that Mr. Marcin Pietruszewski planned to present at the same day after us, it is necessary to collaborate on the use of equipment. In addition, we are facing some issues with the sound part at the moment, for instance, how can we use the sounds to lead the attention of audiences. As a result, we talked with Marcin about how to deal with the sounds in such a huge space and in what way we are able to generate some pieces of music for the show we are going to do.

After meeting, we decided to use the sounds equipment and system of Marcin before his presentation. Besides, he will kindly help us to deal with the problem of how to make the sounds played in multi-channels. For the issue of potential echoes, Marcin pointed out that it will not be extremely serious in this space.

Presentation Personal Documentary- Environment in Emotion


Time: March 26,10:00-23:00pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Presentation Day Testing 2

Overview: In this session, it was the second time for our group to do our testing. I made a series of short videos to documentary the special day for everyone in our group.

Hope you enjoy watching them.

Preparation Testing Stage 

Animation Part



Interactive Part

Background Sound Part

The seven clips show the processes our group do the settlement and testing before the official presentation day.


Presentation Testing Episode 1

Time: March 25,19:30-22:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Presentation Day Testing 1

Overview: In this session, it is the first time for everyone to settle equipments and test their parts, including separate animations and the sound part.

Preparation stage


The first testing part is the interactive part.

Explain: users can walk thought this space and shake their hands or body or make some gestures and the water scene will change its shapes.



The second testing part is the animation part.

The pictures below show the Niukes’ animation about Gaulois. It was a little bit complex to project the animation precisely on this sculpture so we spent nearly 2 hours to test this part.


Another part of animation

Actually we use two different projectors to complete this part. At first, we planned to use one projector to project the whole animation, later, we found the effect was not as good as  we wished. So we changed the original settlement.

One projector is on the first floor and the other one is on the ground floor.

After several times testing, we achieved the effects which we want.



Overall, there are still a lot problems to be solved after the first testing.

Some problems are quite practical, such as equipment booking. Although we have already booked the necessary equipments ahead nearly one month. When we tested our project, we found that we still need 2 more projectors and more power supplies, because we need  power supplies to power our computers and projectors.

Besides, the place arrangement problems. Because originally we have been told to use the whole sculpture court to finish our dmsp project. But before the presentation day, our group have been told that we should to share the space with other groups on the presentation day. So we made a change to our original arrangement, such as we changed the interactive location and lying chairs location.


MEETING 18 (22 March)

22th March, 19:30-22:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Refinement

Overview: In this session, everyone shows the latest version of their work, share the progress with each other, and then we discuss about modification and refinement. Everyone design is brilliant, but still somewhere needs to be changed, and the person who did the design may not recognise where might be inappropriate and why or how they should probably change. So we get together and help each other with personal suggestions.


It’s only ten days left to the final presentation, the final version of projection mapping, interaction, and sound are about to be completed. After having a look at everyone’s latest work, we actually felt relief.

But still, there are things that need to be refined. The projection mapping of the main statue, Victoria, seems not as fabulous as it was on the laptop because of the long-distance projecting from the first floor, so we are thinking about move it to the ground floor, as other statue projection mappings did. However, there remains an issue about people who move around might cut off the light of the projector, we probably have to rearrange the position of every projector after that.

The interactive installation also has a “set-mirror” problem, that is the person who is trying to interact with kinect (the scene projected on the wall) tends to see his left side changes while he moves his right arm. So we finally decided to put the projector facing the wall, but the kinect on top of the projector facing the visitors, which solves the problem.


MEETING 17 (19 March)

19th March, 12:30-15:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Key Word: Integration

Overview: In this session, we discussed about how our pieces of work can be linked together in a whole exhibition. Now we have all made our own piece of work for the presentation, including 4 pieces of projection mapping, an interactive installation, and sound. Though our design works are under one theme “Recovery”, the content might not be integrated with each other at some point.


Integration means though we do our job separately, we need to think about the whole scene that the visitor might see. Not only the content itself, but the theme and result of every piece of work. Timing is also essential to link all the things up.

So we made a storyline for our event, we use a story to link all the design works and the background sound, and for the interactive part, we use static sea water as background, as people’s motion has been tracked, waves will be simultaneously generated.

Such interaction might give the visitors a huge impression, by influencing their emotions with their motions, it shows the theme of our project: Environment in (e)motion.

MEETING 12 (5 March)

MEETING 12 (5 March)

5th March, 12:30-15:30pm, ECA Sculpture Court

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Topic: submission 1 tutorial and discussion submission 2

key words: feedback of submission 1 / requirements / submission 2

Overview: In this session, we have a discussion with our supervisor and she told me at this stage we should specify what we are aiming to achieve, being clear about the technical approach that we will pursue to achieve this project.

Feedback and Suggestions:

  1. Abstract paragraph are positively surreal, including some of the images. It is better for us to be more clear about our theme ‘recovery’.
  2. Acknowledge how the site and the sculptures in the site have triggered the conceptual approach and how the notion of recovery draws on the fact that most of the sculptures are incomplete, damaged or repaired
  3. Try to find ways to make a connection between the historical events surrounding the sculpture (the Nike of Samothrace sculpture) and contemporary humans living. Reflect on this and use it to your advantage
  4. Establish a connection between the underwater environment where we want to place and animate the Nike and the interactive wall projections.

need think problems:

  • The graphic/visual/aesthetic coherence
  • The movements going to relate to underwater environments
  • How do people need to perform (e.g. similar to swimming) or will you leave that open
  • How are you going to move people between the two opposed projection planes
  •  How is the interactive projection going to help people recover
  • So if water is key to recovery, how will this water flow through the bodies of those people who are present during the presentation of your work
  • What sort of flows affect motions under water
  • How are you going to move people between the two opposed projection planes
  • Producing more of the kaleidoscopic image (fit into the overall aesthetics of the project) and how would the image (kaleidoscopic) stand in relation to a sculpture or the whole site
  •  Having different sound files of water ( mix and project into different parts of the Sculpture Court.


To make things work more efficient, we decided to divide us into smaller groups, each takes a specific responsibility on their own tasks (see the project plan).

  1. Ye tian is responsible for the sound part and try to make more different sound files of water
  2. Ao shen is in charge of the interaction part and find the connection between the two opposed projection planes
  3. Zheng wang, Yuan lu, Bei ye and Ke niu are responsible for the animation part.
  4. Zheng wang is in charge of the equipment booking and have already booked two more small projectors.

equipment projectors

To do list during next week:

  1. Testing  our animation using  Projectors – Toshiba TDP-ST20: 6645 that we have not borrowed before, so we need use it to do some testing
  2. Communicating with the administrator of the sculpture court to arrange the site-layout (we need use two white board to cover the doorways of the arches between Nike
  3. Design our dmsp project poster

Animation part:

  • main part – (using the big projector on the 2nd floor)Victoria
  1. lightning with thunder
  2. the sculpture was covered blood
  3. the light hit part of the wings
  4. seawater inundated
  5. the plants grow up
  6. fish swimming around the wall
  7. the light turn warm
  8. a fish swimming and kissing the swam bleeding sculpture, the wound on the body is gradually healing and her wing becomes full length

Gauls: ( using a small projector)sculpture guals

  1. The base portion: Underwater fizzy (like flare effect)
  2. The heart of the human body begins to flash (red weak beat)
  3. The heart begins bleeding
  4. There is a fish on the base portion swim with a braved light
  5. The small fish swim upstream to the heart of Gauls
  6. The small fish kiss the bleeding heart
  7. The shape of bleeding heart is changing from heart to the shape of Coral and coral systemic spread

woman:( using a small projector)woman organ1

  1. The organs of the body exposed, revealing the internal organs
  2. then be cured
  3. Healing Body
  4. The light emitting