Animation for Dying Gaul

Animation for Dying Gaul


I was in charge of animating the Dying Gaul sculpture. The story line of the animation is to present the magic healing power that coming from under the sea.


  • Ideas

The sculpture of dying Gaul itself aim to performance a dying soldier of Galatians which should be very brave and will never give up. Even though his head was bowed and he was painful because endless bleeding and so many wounds, you can tell the unwilling to yield determination from his face. His right arm was missing but the right hand was supporting the ground, left knee bent, looks like he was still trying to struggle to stand up.未命名

“in their love of glory and defiant spirit, had thrown off their garments and taken up their position in front of the whole army naked and wearing nothing but their arms…” (Polybius, Histories II.28)a

In order to recovery this unyielding soldier, I created a bleeding human heart just to exaggerated representation the pain he is bearing. There was a magic fish coming from under the sea, she tours around the dying Gaul and notice his heart was bleeding. Then she kissed the heart which stopped the blood bleeding and after that a coral heart appeared instead of a human heart. The coral heart then star work and transport the blood though his whole body and the missing arm are growing back.


  • Methodologies

I used Maya to bulid the 3D model of the sculpture to make it more realism. It was a real challenge because the human body contained a lot of details and the proportion was so important that it will effect the next step. I also used After Effect to create the seabed and seaweeds scenes.

图片 1



Mapping it should not be a huge deal but it still requires a lot of time to find the perfect projection.

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  • Final results

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