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Submission2  YE TIAN (Terry)

Sounds and music are able to be considered as a significant part of a show of light mapping. In this case, the sounds and background music are planned and achieved from aspects below.

Function and Intention

From the view of us, the sounds and music contain a great deal of information we would like to deliver to the audiences. As the theme of our project, “recovery” is a huge and abstract idea to be presented. To effectively impact the emotions of the audiences in limited minutes and clearly convey our thought about this topic, we mixed the sounds recorded from the real world and generated by electric tools with music, to deliver information in a more emotional way.

From the view of the audiences, the show is supposed to be more real for them to immerse in. The topic we focusing on in this project is how to influence people’s emotion within an environment that may be familiar with. To be more convictive, the audience needs to be brought to a fictitious world by some elements from other environments, which are how our sounds and music works.

From the view of the show, sounds, especially background music, act as a link among different pieces of content throughout. By connecting every second with or without animations, the music made the show presented and received as an entirety. Furthermore, for the reason we used the effect of multi-channel, the sounds fulfilled and moved through the whole space. By achieving this, the show is able to lead the attention to anywhere required by itself and involve all the audiences.

Method and Implementation

Most of the sound of nature were recorded from the real world to establish a convincing “virtual reality”.

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Zoom H6 Recorder

Zoom H6 Recorder

Besides, some melodies are played by me with a keyboard linked to Logic Pro X.


M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2

Some other sounds come from the Apple Loop embedded in Garage Band.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.07.00

To precisely present and smoothly combine with the animation, we use a multi-channel speaker system with four speakers surrounding the audiences.


Sketch map

To mix and generate the sounds and music, I used Logic Pro X and Totalmix. Fireface was used for as the interface of the multi-channel control system. Here thanks to helping from Ph.D. student Mr. Marcin Pietruszewski.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.33.16

For the content of music, I divided the whole piece into four parts. The first one aim to establish a simulated environment of the seaside, where the sculpture Winged Victory was found. The sound of sea waves and people noise on the beach are mixed with the sound of thunder and lightning. Following that, the theme melody fades in, matching with the animation on the main mapping wall and the sculpture Winged Victory. This part is frightened and dramatic for matching the mood before recovery. For the third part, the sound of heart beating and water drop are used as cues to lead the audiences to watch different mapping interface in different directions. The last part embodies the stage after recovery. This part is calm and peaceful also for the reason that it is the background sound for audiences to interact with the water on the wall. Within the context of multi-channel, all the tracks are played following particular rules. By record with Surround Panner in Logic Pro X under the mode of Latch, I kept all the music basically stayed behind the audiences, cue sounds cooperate with animation precisely. For instance, the sound of heart beat came from the side of the Dying Gual, who can be seen by the audiences with a bleeding heart.

Hindsight and Improvement

As the work of non-background, the part of sound has large space to improve in the next time.

The most important key is the collaboration with visual elements. With more time, the sound and animation are supposed to run following a strict timeline and script. By achieving this, the music and sound will be more relevant with the animation.

Furthermore, it will be more impressive if the background music can be more abstract. At the moment, the music generated by electrical simulator with a computer can be easily recognised as stimulating music, but not hi-fi music played by instruments. Considered the situation that live music is not practical, abstract sounds are also effective to impact emotions of the audiences.


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