Project Final Plan

Time: 2016.3.28 20:30-21:00 pm

Duration: 30 min

Location: ECA Sculpture Court

Booked Equipment:

  • Panasonic Projector from music store – For the front wall
  • Hitachi Projector from music store – For sculpture The Winged Victory of Samothrace
  • Projector Kit from QDigital AV store – For sculpture Dying Gaul
  • ASUS Mobile Projector from music store – For sculpture Venus de’ Medici
  • Panasonic Projector from QDigital AV store – For interactive installment
  • Other three projectors for preparation;
  • Kinect 360 for interactive installment;
  • Sound equipment borrowed from the sound project after ours;
  • Lockers for each projector;
  • Four extensions;
  • Five stands/tripod;

Equipment Location:


Presentation Details:

Our presentation consists of five different but coherent parts: projection mapping on to the main sculpture The Winged Victory of Samothrace and the front wall, the sculpture Dying Gaul and Venus de’ Medici, and interactive installment with Kinect, as the actual order of their appearance during the presentation.

The plan is to show the animation on the front wall as a start, and the main statue begins to show up after 1 min and 20 sec. After the whole part is finished (about 2 min and 50 sec), projection mapping on the other two sculptures each side start simultaneously to lead the audiences’ attraction. Then the main statue and the front wall restart after around 20 sec and the interaction part begins, the audience may engage into interaction while the main statue remains bright.

To make sure the plan goes well, everyone has to take responsibility of their own part. Ye Tian (Terry) is in charge of sound, what he should do is to contact and discuss with the one from sound design who has his sound project after our presentation, to make sure he lets us use his equipment to play our background sound as we presenting, and to learn how to utilize his equipment. Zheng Wang (Shana) is responsible for projection mapping of the front wall, the scene is relatively large than the others, so she will be at the first floor using a long-distance projector, and is also going to record the whole scene from an overhead view as we presenting. Except Zheng, the others will all be at the ground floor, Bei Ye(Suzie) will stand in front of the main statue next to the projector she is going to use and control the animation. Lu Yuan(Lynn) and Ke Niu(Hazel) will be waiting respectively at the right and left side of the main statue and starting the projection mapping on a sculpture after the first part is over. Ao Shen(Dora) will be waiting next to the sculpture of Venus de’ Medici, then run the Processing program and project it onto the opposite wall till two main parts of the presentation has finished.

All the details of the presentation are settled as above, but we must flexibly deal with any challenge and problem that might show up during the presentation.


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