Project Draft Plan

Project: Environments in (e)motion;

Time: 2016.3.29 19:00-20:30 pm;

Location: ECA Sculpture court;

Approximate Capacity:At least 30 people;

Visitors Guide Way:

  1. using lighting to decorate the visiting route (have already booked LED Lights);
  2. using sounds to guide the visitors (planned);
  3. using fluorescent paint to show signs on the ground;

Here’s the working progress of the project.

Time                       Modification

20 Jan 2016            Topic: select topics

  • Selected topics which we are interested in and consider possibilities of the achievement
  • Collected and created basic graphic design for Environments in (e)motion
  • Thought about the engagement part

22 Jan 2016            Topic: improve ideas

  • Met up with Rocio and discussed our ideas
  • Improved our ideas based on this meeting

27 Jan 2016            Topic: discussion the theme of project

29 Jan 2016            Topic: formulate concrete ideas

  • Checked the recording equipment and started to record some sound
  • Collected references about the relationship between environments and emotion

31 Jan 2016            Topic: make final decision about the project

  • Got a general idea of how to achieve the technical level of interactive wall installation and sculpture mapping
  • Having idea of projecting part
  • Book the equipment

02 Feb 2016            Topic: equipment testing

  • Tested the projector and Madmapper
  • Recorded a short video
  • Took some pictures in the Sculpture Court
  • Thought about 3D modeling and graphic design

05 Feb 2016           Topic: the second time test equipment and learn the history about sculptures

  • Equipment testing (small projectors)
  • Connecting Processing code with Kinect
  • Met with Dr Margaret Stewart to dig the background of ECA Sculpture Court
  • Form the theme of ‘Recovery’ by combining the historical background and the  current pattern of these casts

11 Feb  2016          Topic: night testing event

  • Tested the largest projectors
  • Tried the interaction between Kinect with laptop

12 Feb 2016           Topic: division of work

  • Discuss the submission one
  • Created basic visual effects for ‘Recovery’

15 Feb 2016           Topic: the second time night testing event

  • Created basic animation and visual effects for ‘Recovery’
  • tested these materials in the sculpture court

Before the Presentation :

  1. Design and print posters to promote our presentation and send the email  to the ECA public email account;
  2. Promote our presentation on the social website (Facebook, Wechat, Instagram etc.);
  3. Rent a car in advanced and then borrow all the equipments;
  4. Testing before the final presentation for several times (3+) and arrange all at the site properly;

Final Presentation Room Setting Plan : 

1. Interactive Part:

Processing & Kinect & PC

2. Projecting Part:

Madmapper & blender & Mac

3. Scene Decoration Part:

To achieve the theme of “Recovery”, our term try to decorate the center area with an umbrella and two deck chairs. Visitors can lie on the chair and wear the headphone with the setting music to fell this space.

4. Television Part:

We will put three large televisions on the east side of the sculpture court (see picture below) and play the trailer of our documentary by loop. On the opposite of this wall, there is a Planar Mosaic to show an animation we made.

4. Setting Draft : 

To project four visualizations, we need four walls and a completely dark room.  First of all, we will held our presentation during the night (after 19:00) and close all lights in the sculpture court.  Secondly, we set two projectors as below. And put a blue LED light to decorate this space.
draft plan1

draft plan


To be more specific, we planned to put two big projectors on the each site of the second floor of the sculpture court for making a big screen like a Lighting show.

What’s more, we will put another in the west area on the ground flood to project the processing part. Visitors can participant in this part with Kinect .

Sound objects will be played by speakers. (We have already booked one, maybe we need more speakers.) And during this p

For projection part, the space between screens and projectors should be blank.

5. Division of Work on the Presentation Day

Reception and introduction: Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) ;

Equipment arrangement and Management:Ye Tian (Terry) & Ao Shen (Dora);

Sound arrangement:Ye Tian (Terry);

Light arrangement: Zheng Wang (Shana);

Scene Regulation: Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie)


Equipment PART:

Have Already Booked:屏幕快照 2016-02-16 下午2.43.31

屏幕快照 2016-02-16 下午2.44.37

Date of Testing Plan:


Need Ask / Borrow / Buy Equipments :




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