Event Plan_Version 1.0

Theme: Dig the human being’s life from deep ocean
Background: All human being on the earth come from the ocean. All the visitors of this event will be explorers and diggers of the human being. They dig and release the human from ancient times deep ocean, which also symbolise that the modern people recover themselves’ heart from clamour.
(Discover yourself and keep oriented by discovering the ancient human from deep ocean)
Subject: 5 sculptures & 1 wall, pillar, monument
Equipment and skills:
projectors, light, speaker, recorder, camera, stickers, paperboard, glass paper;
mad mapper, processing, audition, photoshop, hand drawing
Content & Symbol:
blue light, sound of sea, bubble, jellyfish, sound of the scratch
pattern: mud, moss, rubbish, stone, fish, cirrus, heart, brain, jewellery box
Interactive: remove pattern, spit bubbles
Equipment: Niu Ke, Lu Yuan
Video documentary: Niu Ke
Pattern: Ye Bei, Wang Zheng
Mad mapper: Tian Ye
Processing: Shen Ao
Sound backup: Tian Ye
Timetable:Wang Zheng

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