MEETING 3 (27 Jan)

MEETING3 January 27th, 1.00-4.00pm in the 1.06 Alison House– CONCEPTUALISE

1.27 13:00

Members: Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn)& Ao Shen (Dora)

Topic: discussion the theme of project

Key words: setting / voice / music / emotion / media / digital technologies

Overview: In this session, we try to make an elementary decision on our project. After discussing with our supervisor, we put more emphasizes on the basic theme of our project rather than the technologies we would like to use in the future production.


How to combine the settings with the ECA sculpture court? The ECA sculpture court is too big for us to arrange.

Expect Accomplishment  Effect:

  1. When visitors enter into the ECA sculpture court, a beam will follow the visitors’ footprints but the visitor can not find where the beam come from.  Maybe can use the beam to show the motion trail of visitors. When people walk fast, the beam can also move fast, vice versa.

2. Using different light patterns and put them on the sculptures (maybe four or five sculptures on the different corners of the ECA sculpture court. The light patterns have various forms, like fiber structures, moss and so on. And visitors can use their hands to touch them, and the pattens will change their this:

Short plan:

  1. In order to achieve a seabed environment in the ECA sculpture court, we would like to record some special music/ lyric / voices for the project to create a better atmosphere.  Music like the sea wave in sunshine/ in a rainy day/ high tide / ebb tide. So we need to borrow a recording equipment from our school and then to record these material we want to use in this week.
  2. Taking photos to sculptures in the ECA sculpture court and according to the shapes of them to design the lighting shapes.

3. At the finally stage, we would like to make a video about visitors come to ECA sculpture court at evening time.

Equipments requirement:

  1. recorder
  2. LED light
  3. sensors
  4. 3D camera
  5. microphone

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