MEETING 2 (22 Jan)

MEETING January 22nd, 4-5.30pm at ECA Campus

Members: VON JUNGENFELD Rocio & Ye Tian (Terry) & Zheng Wang (Shana) & Bei Ye (Suzie) & Ke Niu (Hazel) & Yuan Lu (Lynn) & Ao Shen (Dora)

Topic: Environment (e)motion

Overview: In the session, we met up with Rocio and had a look around the sculpture court. After introducing ourselves (Backgrounds, skills, aims) to each other, we talked about the ideas and questions we put forward in the first meeting, and improved our idea to fit the requirements of the project better.  We also talked about the requirements of submission 1 at the end of the meeting.

Introduction of Team Members


Academic Background: Digital media

She is interested in display and art exhibition. These are the main reasons for her to choose the project.


Academic Background: Media management

She is also interested in Art exhibition, and she would like to deliver her idea to others via the final exhibition.


Academic Background: Advertising

Dora wants to try to add something interactive in the project by using Processing and coding.


Academic Background: Journalism

Shana is interested in Graphic design and Space decoration. She would like to use one space to interact with people. She also mentioned documentary and interactive filming, and was happy to make a difference to the project.


Academic Background: Media management

She is interested in 3D modeling and animation. She was attracted by the word “Site-specifically” of the project as she would like to connect her digital works with the physical and specific environments.


Academic Background: communication

He used to be a good communicator, this time he wants to bring his ideas to other people (visitors) and deliver his typical emotion through the project.

Requirements of the project

In the discussion, Rocio mentioned several requirements which we need to pay attention to.

  1. It is a site specifically project and the exhibition (emotion) is better to emerge from the site.
  2. Thinking about what you want to achieve. Have a core idea (concept) then try to realise it.
  3. Collect the materials we need once we start the project and pay attention to Copyright.
  4. We can use the sculpture court from Wednesday to next Monday during the presentation week, and Monday would be the show time. We’d better organise time slots for rehearsals.

Current ideas:

  1. Decorate the site into a sank ship in the deep ocean, and the ship is full of sculptures and is likely to explore ancient China.
  2. Visitor could hold projectors and projecting jellyfish to walls (or sculptures etc.). The way to express emotion: the movement of the jellyfish.
  3. Combine Chinese opera with sculptures to express different emotions
  4. Shoot the path (people’s foot path) — what could the paths mean??? It there anything related to emotion by showing the footpath???

Current problems:

  1. Is there a specific (e)motion (or concept) you want to deliver?
  2. Does it emerge from the sculpture court?
  3. The cost and possibility to fully decorate the sculpture court.
  4. 3D projecting is hard to realise.

Submission 1

Submission 1 is a proposal of our project. We need to illustrating what the project is going to be to the people who haven’t heard(seen) of it.

Demonstrate how to achieve the project

What would each of you do in the project

Prototypes would be helpful to understand the project such as animation, graphic design, sounds etc.

To be detailed, but it is not final.

Next meeting

Next Friday 12:30pm


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