Online Documentation

One day before deadline, the documentation work was finally over, the documentation  contains nine parts, every members had concluded their work and inspiration of this submission in their own parts.

The workload of documentation design and assembly was larger than I expected, the final pages are 38. In order to present the better visual experience, the documentation was design as a magazine format and can be used as a online handbook by using the Issuu.


Feedback on Darksound Website

After Darksound’s official launch, some valuable feedback on the website reached me. Here are some from the visitors:

“I like the concept behind it.” – Stuart Jolly (DJ – Bongo)

“I really enjoyed Dark Sound. Thought the stories about the nurse and the girl getting ready for a night out worked best. The sound is great throughout – liked how it pulled back sometimes when you went to a different room.

Would have been nice to hear different voices in the different flats, I thought, rather than just the same reader.” – Lain Morrison (Enterprise Manager – The Fruitmarket Gallery)

“All I can say is that I like the photos. They are nicely shot, good use of light and filter but not over use of filter. Plus the photos give it a look of glow and happiness like a good balance between light and darkness.” – Douglas Mcgill (Clinic Support Worker – NHS)

“It’s good and evocative. You get a glimpse into lives. Forcing people to experience it at night is a good idea. It enhances it.” – Jamie Young (Student – Design & Digital Media)

Above are all the positive comments on the website as so far I have got any negative ones. 🙂 Source Code

As we wrap up Submission 2, I’ve zipped up the final version of for markers to inspect. Note if you open index.html locally, please use MAMP/WAMP for full functionality. The source code includes:

1. index.html

2. style.css (Main styling)

3. Images folder

4. Sounds folder

5. Js folder (contains all scripts)

6. Shoutbox folder (contains all scripts and JSON database)

7. Favicon

In addition to the source code, I’ve also included a zipped version of the Flash CC project file. Note that this is only so markers may look through the code structure inside the application; exporting directly from Flash CC will not give you a functional interactive, as I am using libraries and functionality that require additional scripts. (The FLA file was hosted via DropBox, as it exceeds the maximum size for WordPress uploads.)



Final Website Changes

After being live for about a week and a half now, I’ve made a few small changes to after feedback and personal consideration. The text visitors see when landing during the day has been slightly changed, and increased in size:

“It looks like you’ve arrived here while its still daytime where you are. Please return when the sun goes down in [time-till-sunset] hours and join the nocturnal community exploring DARKSOUND.”

Additionally, I’ve scrapped the about.html page, as I realised it was foolish to have a separate webpage for such a small amount of content. The “about” content now lives in the footer, which expands on click (via jQuery slidetoggle), so that users can read more about the project without navigating to a new page and interrupting their experience. The “about” content has also been modified:

“Can’t sleep? Neither can we. DARKSOUND is an experimental piece of net art shining a light on the dark shadows of the hours of night – inviting your senses of curiosity and adventure to roam free within the walls of its mysterious tenement building, immersed in the sights and sounds. Created by students at Edinburgh College of Art, DARKSOUND brings together photography, field recording, recorded conversation, music composition, graphic design & web design to represent different public experiences of night routines and lifestyles. Sunset plays a key feature in the piece, which detects user location to only allow access after the hours of sunset where the user is based. To best connect with your new surroundings, we recommend using headphones. Please feel free to leave a message in the DARKSOUND guestbook, where you can also chat with other visitors.”