Recommended reading

Don’t be put off by the length of this list.

  1. Get some background by reading the articles, most of which are short.  Why not race to see who can read and summarise them all first..?
  2. Follow tutorials on stuff you need to learn.
  3. Browse the websites for ideas of more stuff to learn.
  4. Get hold of any books for subjects you think you still need a deeper understanding of.
And this is just a shortlist.  Approach learning these things systematically, and don’t ignore it.  If you don’t already know this stuff, you need to read the articles.  Understanding the principles behind this project is crucial to success.  I will eventually start to assume knowledge, because there won’t be time for me to teach you it all in weekly tutorials.  I will, of course, help with anything you’re stuck on.


Marcotte, Ethan (2010).  Responsive Web Design.  A List Apart.  Online:

Marcotte, Ethan (2009).  Fluid Grids.  A List Apart.  Online:

Smashing Magazine (2010).  How to use CSS3 Media Queries to Create a Mobile Version of your website.  Online:

Thomas, Drew (2012).  Looking Beyond Common Media Query Breakpoints.  Smashing Magazine.  Online:

Gustafson, Aaron (2008).  Understanding Progessive Enhancement.  A List Apart.  Online:

W3C (2011-2).  Graceful degredation versus progressive enhancement.  World Wide Web Consortium wiki.  Online:

Wrobelewski, Luke (2012).  Mobile First (video).  Event Apart.  Online:

Guides and tutorials

Pilgrim, Mark (2011).  Dive Into HTML5.  Online:

Lazaris, Louis (2010).  jQuery Tutorial for Beginners.  Online:

CodeAcademy (great tutorials for most programming languages, including JavaScript, HTML and CSS):

A handy list of general to specific progressive enhancement and responsive design tutorials:

Good websites to keep up with


24 Ways to Impress your Friends:

CSS Tricks:

Smashing Magazine:

.net Magazine: (I’m subscribed to the physical .net magazine, and have a backlog of about 2 years of issues which you can borrow; cutting-edge stuff, and great tutorials, introductions to toolkits, and information pieces).


Gustafson, Aaron (2011).  Adaptive Web Design.  Easy-Readers.  (*

Marcotte, Ethan (2011).  Responsive Web Design.  A Book Apart. (

Wroblewski, Luke (2011).  Mobile First.  A Book Apart.  (

Keith, Jeremy (2005).  DOM Scripting.  Friends of ED.  (*

Keith, Jeremy (2007).  Bulletproof Ajax.  New Riders Press.  (*

Keith, Jeremy (2012).  HTML5 for Web Designers.  A Book Apart.  (

Cederholm, Dan (2012).  CSS3 for Web Designers.  A Book Apart. (

Parker, Todd., Jehl, Scott, et al. (2010).  Designing with progressive enhancement.  New Riders.  (

* I can lend you these