Aims and objectives

Explore novel ways of adjusting the appearance and/or content of a website depending on the perceived context of the user.  Produce a website or similar artefact that is the result of these explorations.

Consider different meanings of ‘context’.

  • Device screen size is the obvious one, but other device capabilities can also be measured by feature testing (eg. can the browser render CSS3 animations or not?).
  • Additionally there are many ways of gathering or inferring additional information that can be used creatively ( like location, time of day, current weather, what social networking accounts user is currently logged in to…).

Examine and evaluate use cases for context-aware websites.

  • There are plenty of real world examples to look at.
  • Commercial/business use cases are one thing; approaching this from an arts perspective should provoke new thinking and ideas.
  • Consider native apps vs. browser-based ‘Web apps’ (rich websites).