Starting point and inspiration


Artist Lisa Park manipulates water with the power of her mind in the performative art project “Eunoia”. She explores the potential of man overcoming the limits of his body and she approaches states of vulnerability, self-control and liberation.


With the use of an EEG headset she monitors the activity of her brain during mediation and translates this data in water vibration. The data retrieved is eye movement along with the delta, theta, alpha, and beta waves of her brain.


The brain data above is viewed in charts and graphs via the use of a simple Processing sketch.

The artist translates the” brainwaves into sound waves by linking Processing with Max/MSP and Reaktor, where the megahertz from her brain are turned into deep, echo-y, trance-inducing audio”. This way she manages to transform the sounds into vibrations.


Apart from the presentation of the data, the artist creates a simple visual metaphor to help the audience understand better the effects of her brain activity. For this reason she uses 5 metal dishes filled with water, each dish representing a particular emotion.

“The Ascent” Art Installation


A team of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students has created a system that pairs an EEG headset with a 3-D theatrical flying harness, allowing users to “fly” by controlling their thoughts.

Mind pool


Staalhemel installation


Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth


I think, therefore it flies: Orbit helicopter is
controlled by your deepest thoughts


INsideOUT: Real-time media EEG performance


Mind Mirror:

Mind-reading headband sends brainwaves via Bluetooth:

CAVE-CAD Integration with Neuroscience Research Technology:

Tangible feelings/EEG and biofeedback for the arts:

Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves:

Raghava KK: Bringing art to life:

EMOTIV applications

EMOTIV overview:

Smartphone Brain Scanner:

iMotions AttentionTool Mobile Eye Tracking and EEG:

NeuroLINK Neuro Gaming Demonstration:

DJ Fresh & Mindtunes: A track created only by the mind:

Audiovisual examples

Lanvideo source

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Biosensory feedback

Pulse Spiral

Pulse Spiral




The Blubelle Dress


Kinetic Dress by CuteCircuit