Aims and objectives

This project is open-ended and exploratory. Here’s one possibility: design an installation scenario where a person, a mind artist, is seated on a high swivel chair. Behind the mind artist is a display screen or projection. Visitors enter the space and attempt to adjust the mood of the artist through, music, noise, images, gestures, or voice (whispers, sounds, instructions). The artist could even interact with space via binaural recordings that alter the parameters of space. Thanks to the direct connection between the artist’s EEG device, a computer and the display, the mood effect will be apparent in some way on the screen. The producers of the software that comes with the EEG device claim that the device picks on people’s levels of arousal, boredom, meditative state, etc. In a way we are testing these claims, as well as producing something compelling and exciting as an installation piece. Variations: The artist could be standing, and even moving around in the space, moving in a circle, or lying down. The artist could be blindfolded. The artist could also not receive any stimuli from the audience and instead interact with the installation himself moving blindfolded in a restricted space. He is not allowed to talk. Rather than think of the person as an artist, perhaps he is just a brain. He only gets to interact with the audience and the stimuli he is exposed to in the environment via his brain.

It is important to think about the brain as a new interface of interaction via which the performer will communicate his emotions to the audience. Moreover while the performer will move in space blindfolded touch and proprioception will become important tools for his navigation in space. Silence and sound will become also more powerful and influential. It would be interesting to look into the spatial behaviour that the performer will develop under the conditions that you will artificially create. How does the interaction with the audience or the sounds affect his emotional state and his levels of discomfort and how this is apparent in the way he navigates space. Finally you should try and keep the project simple.