The Birth of the ‘Hairy Ball’ – Working Progress of coding

The ‘Hairy Ball’ is one of the visual effects we made for the project ‘Brain Drain’, aiming to interpret the performer’s emotional state in a vivid and reasonable way. I am mainly working on this design.

This visualization is based and developed on the Processing code ‘Noise Sphere’ by David Pena (Ref: Location/Processing/File/Examples/Topics/Geometry/NoiseSphere). But I did much work to develop and re-create visual effects with coding.

Here’s the working progress of the design.

Time Modification
26 Feb 2014 Created basic visual effects for ‘Hairy Ball’

·Excitement: Hair grow randomly longer, the ball looks shimmering

·Engagement: Hairy Ball rotates 360°

·Meditation: Hair moves from the center to the edge of the ball regularly and comes back again.

·Frustration: Hairy Ball trembles

27 Feb 2014 Tried to duplicate the ‘Hairy Ball’ to the quantity of four appearing together but finally dropped the idea
12     March 2014 ·Alarm function with TV noise effect to indicate the headset is not working properly

·Play with colour by adding colours to hair according to different emotional state but finally dropped the idea

·Adding the fifth parameter Boredom: Hairy Ball stays fixed and breathing

20 March 2014 ·Modification to the meditation: speed up the moving to make the transition neat and clean

·Text field for displaying real-time data

27 March 2014 ·Having idea of projecting the ‘Hairy Ball’ visualization to a real sphere like a yoga ball
1 April 2014 ·Combining Processing code with Arduino code

·Connecting Processing code with other visuals with IP