AVE Video Documentation

In our final performance in the University of Edinburgh’s “Inspace”, we chose to model our audio-visual narrative around Plato’s “Allegory of a Cave.”  Individual performers were allowed a large degree of freedom to interpret the story on a personal level. The ensemble placed particular emphasis on designing instruments that cogently connected audio and visual aspects in ways that would remain convincing and engaging for the both audience and performers alike.

Live Performance:

Also on YouTube: Audiovisual Ensemble Live Performance


Also on YouTube: A Documentary of Audiovisual Ensemble Project

The AVE 2014 ensemble aspired to avoid clichés associated with the theme and audio-visual performance in general. The “story” served mainly as a loose timeline to introduce transitions, build new textures, and to divide content more fluidly.  Strictly for rehearsal purposes, the following outline was developed.  Although not originally intended for this function, the outline can serve as a kind of “score” or road-map for examining our ideas on a more literal level.


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