Plan for our documentary

The goal of the documentary is briefly introducing our project and explaining how we execute it. The documentary would consist of the following parts:

–          The concept of audiovisual ensemble (that we are trying to demonstrate in this specific performance);

–          The narrative line (the allegory of the cave) and audiovisual metaphors;

–          Role of each group mates and introduction of their “instruments” (from both technology and aesthetic aspects);

–          Footages of rehearsal (to show some ensemble effects) and experience of the whole process;

–          Audience feedback (if possible).


And the contents could be organized as:


1. Concept:

Cross cutting clips from rehearsals and performance showing some audiovisual effects

Interview 1: introducing project concept

Full view of performing together, (interview continue as voice over), cross cut with discussion and setup.

2. Narrative:

Specific part of the performance typically related to the story of cave

Interview 2: allegory of the cave (keep it brief, the version we are using)

Picture (or simple animation if possible) showing the cave and prisoners (voice-over from interview)

3. Metaphor:

Interview 3: visual metaphor (shadow as illusion and video as realistic world);

With Detail of visual aspect (interview as voice over)

Interview 4: audio metaphor

With detail of playing instruments as well

4. Instruments:

(Possibly cross cut with the metaphor part)

Everyone playing his/her role in the rehearsal/performance, details of instruments (close-up shots), interaction with others, set up….

With interview about: your role, your instrument, your feelings……

(This section is for each person in the group. Although it seems quite short in this draft, this part is actually the main consistence of the whole documentary as it shows how and why we are doing these things.)

5. Feedback:

Shots of a prepared stage

Effects of the final performance

Feedback from audience

Feedback about the final performance from performers

6. Ending


This is only a draft for the documentary. I hope it would be helpful for us to prepare and collect relevant materials. If you feel confused about some of the points or have suggestions for improving it, please do not hesitate to tell me. J

Here are also some questions for you to prepare for. Please try to keep the answers brief because the length of documentary would only be around 5 minutes.

For everyone:

  1. What are you doing in the performance and how your outcomes related to some metaphors?
  2. Introduce your instrument.
  3. How you feel about doing this project?
  4. Which part of the performance do you like most?
  5. Whatever else you would like to talk about…

Beside, here are also some questions that should be talked about in the documentary but not necessarily discussed by everyone. I’ve attached my suggestion about who would talk about it. If you feel uncomfortable about it please just let me know and we could try some other arrangements.

Introduction to the concept of audiovisual ensemble (Russell?)

Allegory of the cave (Timo?)

How to achieve ensemble automatically (Marco?)

How to achieve ensemble manually (Shuman?)

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