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Talked a bit with Marco today about him wanting to use a Kinect… Imogen Heap has been doing some pretty forward thinking performances using this technology. I especially like how she’s able to play various virtual instruments determined by where she is on stage.


Great meeting with everyone today… looking forward to the adventure.  Wanting to try my hand at posting and follow up with a couple quick links to some stunning big budget performances that were quite inspiring.

Trailer for Amon Tobin’s highly ambitious, breathtaking ‘ISAM’ live show.


How to Destroy Angels

Robert Henke


From the Conference this weekend

Hello World!  Here are all the links to topics and VJ software that was used at the conference.  I learned a lot and am ready to jump into the seemingly massive rabbit hole that is audio-visual art!

Free stuff first;

For connecting computers people were using this: 

For mapping software.  This guy presented this software and seemed open to communication and trouble shooting:

This is a link of plugins for various softwares that do visual effects.  Some are free and I think can work in Max/PD

I bought this guys CD and it is AMAZING!  Some of the best Chip tunes I’ve ever heard.  He gave a lecture about using PD with visuals that was very comprehensive….BUT….you can do everything in jitter too…just putting that out there….I don’t see any of his visual stuff on here, but he said that he just started doing visuals 2 months ago!

There was a more theatrical performance using iPads that was interesting.  A nice man named Nuno (email is told me that he used the software linked below and epoccam multi cam software to link the iPads to the software.  Epoccam turns iPhone/ipads into wireless webcams!  Nuno is based in Greenwich but seemed happy to collaborate.

This one is expensive, but seems to do literally everything.  Lightsurgeons use this one, so it is legit:

This looks like a comprehensive list of everything out there!  I see resolume in there too Timø

As far as learning the software….People seemed to speak super highly of this website for learning literally everything software.  It was interesting how many people taught themselves these seemingly complex programs.  This website might be a key….

Here are links to performers that we saw this weekend for more ideas of what this software can do!

Biology and data influenced:

raw lights with sound (and friend of Martin [could be useful…]):

Light surgeons use of pre-made video with semi-improvised music linked with after-effects

There was a heated discussion about opera vs. live cinema vs. multimedia musical theatre….It looks like live cinema is more open to collaboration!  follow them on FB and there is a lot of info about things happening in London.  Non-Profit = cheap good times!

There was a weird contrast between some visual artists I spoke to about what has happened and what is happening now.  One guy talked about this thing called “The 9 Evenings” that happened in NYC in 1966 as being the pinnacle of audio-visual connections in music.  It’s crazy they were doing this in 1966!

And this is a project to retouch things from the 70s.  The guy I spoke to is based in Dundee

In terms of data mapping, this guy Jer Thorp is basically a professional data-mapper for the New York Times.  He uses all their information to create art, so pretty cool.

For shadows and effects like that, these people seem to be top notch:

We could do live visuals like this…..real analog:

Oh and this is the piece that Marco just showed me, but it’s not the studio version.  Will you post the studio version for me? cheers!

Ok that’s enough for now!  Cheers!

we are beyond mapping these days

First session with the group today. I was a bit pushy and asked everyone to meet again on Thursday morning with an audiovisual instrument.
There was a wealth of ideas floating around and a great skill-base for starting the project. This weekend, there must have been some healthy group bonding thanks to Marco, Russell, Shuman and Jessamine going to Newcastle for the Live Visuals conference:

I felt it was important to talk and work across the domains of sound and vision, to jump out of our disciplinary silos and really think about sound and light, importantly then, for me, it seems that an audiovisual ensmeble is a group playing with sound and light. This doesn’t necessarily mean computers and projectors and instruments, far from it, rather integrating context, performance and ideas via the two things we primarily see and hear in. (Read Time Ingold “Against SoundScape” – for more on that idea).

The group punted some great ideas and terms that are bound to be fruitful as things develop

  • Synesthesia
  • A blended approach to audiovision
  • DMX control of light through sound (cf David Butler, max for live library)
  • Plastic man
  • Trigger and spectacle
  • Colour Organs
  • Systems to create things
  • Interactive assets
  • Some elements are fixed, others flexible
  • Libraries and categories of audiovision, what things work as audiovisual complexes, could these be defined and used as performative tools?
  • Performing to video
  • Mad mapper and projection mapping
  • iPhones/Pads useful interfaces and audiovisual interfaces in their own right potentially
  • Actual instruments
  • Metaphors we want to work with
  • Messages and narratives, what’s going on in the world, can we reflect opinions or provoke with audiovisual engines?