Influences and References

The following is a collection of the various audio-visual references we drew from while creating our material for the performance aspect of the project. We progressed through our own musical trajectories and interests through rehearsal, allowing our personal styles to frame our sonic output while the rehearsal performance space served to sculpt each of our contributions in line with the ensemble. This way we retained our originality and utilised our skill sets while tweaking our sound and visual range to correspond organically within the ensemble.

Initially we began from a contemporary audio-visual perspective, drawing from Amon Tobin’s live audio-visual show ‘ISAM’. This appealed to all members of the group for its visual and audio content. It inspired research for the visual aspect on 3D projection mapping, and we experimented with polystyrene cubes in G11. This approach did not seem plausible for the final performance as it would take more time than we had available to learn the techniques required, generate the material, and build the set for this approach.

Projection 3D-mapping in a contemporary audio-visual performance:

Amon Tobin – ISAM

ISAM 3D Projection Mapping

Initial explorations:

Sound Of A Dying Star

Sound Of Stillness

Following on from this we looked at a variety of artists in their deployment of audio-visual concepts.

Carston Nicolai – Physicist of Sound

Interesting visual content and reference for image:

Scanner – Live Video Ensemble

Exploratory audio-visual artist with 3D imagery:

Lustmord and Lustmord Interview

Audio-visual live show from an electronic stalwart:

Squarepusher – Dark Steering

Guerrilla audio-visual performance:

The Glitch Mob – Beyond Monday

Stripped-back performance:

Nosaj Thing Live

Alternative and interesting use of materials:

J.Viewz – Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ on vegetables

Noisy Jelly

Noisy Jelly – Presskit

Complex audio-visual transmission system:

Digital Music Ensemble – Helicopter String Quartet

Creative sound recycling:

Second Hand Sureshot

 Visual concepts:

Al Seckel TED

Lighticles – Audio/Visual 

Fennesz & Claudio Sinatti – Live Video Ensemble

HR Giger

Rotterdam Ensemble

Zach Poff – Video Trigger

Robert Henke Installation

Robert Henke – Max


\;[-+- k\r.y\p/-[t]id;; 0.2

Relentless – The REV and Project Blog

Shadow Dialogue


IdN 100th Issue Celebration

Once we had confirmed the thematic progression of our performance as a ghost party or dreamscape, we began to hone in our influences, drawing from our rehearsals and contributions to the ensemble, both sonically and visually.

Musical reference in line with our ‘ghost’ theme:

Lorn – Ghosst(s)

Live show based on a screenplay enacted by an ensemble including Steve Goodman (Kode 9):

Her Ghost

Continuing with the Ghost theme:

Skeleton Dance

We explored a multitude of resources that could potentially be applied in the performance context:


Jesper Bentzen – Audio Perception

Homemade Synthesizer

Syphon Framework