The Action Sound final performance is a hybrid piano piece for grand piano, two performers and live electronics. The group has worked together to develop a digital system which takes the piano as its core sound and action material by focusing on the constraints this particular instrument offers.The real time piano spectrum is processed or re-synthesised inside the digital system and controlled by the actions of each performer’s hand to generate different envelopes. Taking from our experience with submission 1 and the analysis of Christian Wolff, this project can be seen as a practical output of the previous aesthetic and conceptual experiences.

The main focus was on:

  • mapping of actions into real-time MaxMsp patch (via attached DPA microphones to performer’s hands)
  • the piano as the core source and environment for the digital system (resynthesis, amplitude modulation, spectral shaping, DMX lights)
  • constraints of material (both phenomenological and for digital system)
  • DMX lights
  • video and sound representation

All these are part of the overall performance environment which focuses on reactions, attentive listening, extension of the piano’s sound world in digital world as well as acoustic, performer’s relationship to tools and each other (i.e. the performance environment).